Stage 2: Draft

The Draft Stage of the County Development Plan Review process is made up of four phases:

  • Public Display of Draft Plan
  • Manager’s Report on Public Submissions
  • Consideration of Manager’s Report by Members
  • Prepare Amendments to Draft Development Plan

Previous Phase – Prepare Amendments to Draft Development Plan

A council meeting was held on Monday 24th September to discuss the Draft Meath County Development Plan 2013-2019 and the Manager’s Report prepared on the submissions received during the consultation process for the Draft Plan.

The members of Meath County Council resolved to make amendments to the Draft Development Plan. As a number of these amendments are material changes to the Draft Plan, they will be subject to public display and there will be an opportunity for people to make submissions on them.

It is anticipated that this display period will commence in October. Meath County Council will advertise the display and submission dates when they are finalised and details of how to make a submission.

Previous Phase – Consideration of Manager’s Report by Members

The closing date for submissions on the Draft Meath County Development Plan 2013-2019 was 3rd August. A total of 139 submissions were received. Meath County Council wishes to express its appreciation to those who made submissions or attended the information meetings about the Draft Plan.

A report has been prepared on the submissions received; summarising the issues raised and outlining the response of the CountyManager to them, and recommendations for changes to the Draft Development Plan where appropriate, to address the issues raised.

This report was distributed to the Elected Members of Meath County Council at a Special Planning meeting on Friday 14th September.

Click here to see the Managers Report Draft Development Plan 2013 – 2019

A series of Council Meetings have been arranged, starting on Monday 24th September, during which the Councillors will consider the Draft Development Plan and the Manager’s Report. Following these meetings, the Councillors will decide whether to adopt the Draft Development Plan or whether amendments to the Draft Plan should be made.

A further period of public consultation will be held, if the Councillors decide to make material amendments to the Draft Plan.

Previous Phase – Public Display of Draft Plan

We are currently at the first phase of Stage 2 – Draft. i.e. Public Display of Draft Development Plan.

The Draft Plan is on public display from Friday 25th May 2012 to Friday 3rd August 2012 inclusive.  The Draft Plan is accompanied by an Environmental Report, prepared in accordance with the Planning and Development (Strategic Environmental Assessment) Regulations 2004 – 2011 and an Appropriate Assessment, pursuant to Article 6 of the Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC.

Following receipt of submissions on the Draft Plan a Manager’s Report will be prepared.

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Volume 1Written Statement

– Ráiteas Scríofa

Volume 2 – Appendices 

Appendix 1 Development Plan Mandatory Objectives

Appendix 2 Strategic Policy Guidance

Appendix 3 Zoning matrix MCDP 2007

Appendix 4 Meath Housing Strategy

Appendix 5 Retail Strategy

Appendix 6 SFRA- V1.3

Appendix 7 Landscape Character Assessment

Appendix 8 Record of Protected Structures

Appendix 9 ACAs

Appendix 10 UNESCO World Heritage Site

Appendix 11 National Monuments in State Care & Register of State Monuments

Appendix 12 Protected Views and Prospects

Appendix 13 Sites Designated for Nature Conservation and County Geological Sites

Appendix 14 Public Rights of Way

Appendix 16 List of Graigs

Appendix 17 Mobility Management Plans

Appendix 18 Statement regarding Ministerial Guidelines

Volume 3 – Book of Maps

Map 3.1 Settlement

Map 4.1 Seveso Sites

Map 6.1 Key Transportation Corridors

Map 6.2 Rail Reservation Corridor

Map 6.3 Road Upgrades

Map 6.4 Access to National Roads

Map 8.1 Electricity Transmission

Map 8.2 Bord Gais Transmission

Map 9.1 Bru na Boinne WHS

Map 9.2 ACAs

Map 9.3 Natural Heritage Designations

Map 9.4 Public Rights of Way

Map 9.5 Views & Prospects

Map 10.1 Rural Area Types

Map 10.2 Tree Preservation Orders

Map 10.3 Aggregate Potential Map

Map 10.5 Gaeltacht Areas

Map 10.6 Management of Future Access to Strategic Corridors

Map 11.1 Dublin Airport Safety Zones

Volume 4 – Strategic Environmental Assessment & Appropriate Assessment 

SEA Report

SEA Maps

Appropriate Assessment

Environmental Assessment and Natura Impact Statement (as gaeilge)

Background Papers

Background paper Distribution of Educational Childcare Facilities

Background Paper Water Services Provision in Navan, Drogheda Environs, Dunboyne

Employment Sectors Background Paper