Stage 3: Amendments


The Amendments Stage of the County Development Plan Review process is made up of four phases

  • Public Display of Amendments to Draft Plan
  • Manager’s Report Prepared on Public Submissions
  • Consideration of Manager’s Report
  • Adoption of Plan

Final Phase – Adoption of Plan

The display of the Amendments to the Draft Meath County Development Plan 2013-2019 closed on 8th November. In total, 26 submissions were received.Meath County Council wishes to express its appreciation to those who made submissions.

A Manager’s Report has been prepared on the submissions received on the amendments; summarising the issues raised, outlining the response of the County Manager to them and detailing recommendations for modifications to the amendments, where appropriate, to address the issues raised.

Click here to see Manager’s Report

This report was distributed to the Elected Members of Meath County Council at the council meeting on 3rd December. The report was considered at a Special Planning Meeting on the 17th of December.

Following consideration of the Proposed Amendments and the Manager’s Report the Members of Meath County Council resolved to make the Development Plan on the 17th December 2012.

The Development Plan will come into effect on the 22nd of January 2013. The Executive of Meath County Council is currently editing the plan for publishing

Previous Phase – Public Display of Amendments to Draft Plan

The Members of Meath County Council, having considered the Draft Meath County Development Plan 2013–2019 and the Managers Report thereon in accordance with Section 12 of the Planning and Development Acts, 2000-2011 have resolved that the Draft Meath County Development Plan 2013- 2019 be amended. The proposed amendments constitute a material alteration of the Draft Meath County Development Plan 2013-2019.

The proposed amendments to the Draft Meath County Development Plan are available for inspection from the 12th of October to Thursday, 8th November, 2012 inclusive.


Please note ONLY submissions made on the proposed amendments (I.E. STRIKETHROUGH text OR TEXT IN RED) can be taken into consideration in the making of the Development Plan.

To make a submission or observation, click here for Amendments Submission Template form.


1. The existing text of the Draft Meath County Development Plan is shown in normal


2. Deletions are shown as strikethrough text.

3. Amendments / Additions are shown as red text.

This is shown in the following example:

SOC POL 45   To protect the cultural heritage of historical burial grounds within Co. Meath and encourage their management and maintenance in accordance with conservation principles best conservation practice.

Click to see Proposed Amendments Public Notice in English

Click to see Proposed Amendments Public Notice as Gaeilge

Proposed Amendments

Volume 1Written Statement

Volume 2 – Appendices

Appendix 2 Strategic Policy Guidance

Appendix 4 Meath Housing Strategy

Appendix 5 Retail Strategy

Appendix 6 Strategic Flood Risk Asssessment

Appendix 7 Landscape Character Assessment

Appendix 12 Protected Views and Prospects

Appendix 14 Public Rights of Way

Volume 3 – Book of Maps

Volume 4 Strategic Environmental Assessment & Appropriate Assessment

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