Consideration of Manager’s Report by Members

The closing date for submissions on the Draft Meath County Development Plan 2013-2019 was 3rd August. A total of 139 submissions were received. Meath County Council wishes to express its appreciation to those who made submissions or attended the information meetings about the Draft Plan.

A report has been prepared on the submissions received; summarising the issues raised and outlining the response of the CountyManager to them, and recommendations for changes to the Draft Development Plan where appropriate, to address the issues raised.

This report was distributed to the Elected Members of Meath County Council at a Special Planning meeting on Friday 14th September.

Click here to see the Managers Report Draft Development Plan 2013 – 2019

A series of Council Meetings have been arranged, starting on Monday 24th September, during which the Councillors will consider the Draft Development Plan and the Manager’s Report. Following these meetings, the Councillors will decide whether to adopt the Draft Development Plan or whether amendments to the Draft Plan should be made.

A further period of public consultation will be held, if the Councillors decide to make material amendments to the Draft Plan.

CDP stage 2 phase 3

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