Variation (No.2) of the Meath County Development Plan 2013-2019

Variation No. 2 to the Meath County Development Plan 2013-2019 was made at a Special Meeting of Meath County Council held on Monday 19th May, 2014. Variation No. 2 gives effect to the Core Strategy of the Meath County Development Plan 2013-2019 and in particular objectives CS OBJ 2, 3 and 5 therein and also to objective ED OBJ 2 contained in the Economic Strategy.

Variation No. 2 has introduced land use zoning objectives and an Order of Priority into the Meath County Development Plan 2013–2019, which will manage the release of residential and employment lands for 34 no. centres / group of centres across the county. The land use zoning objectives contained within Volume V of the County Development Plan (as varied) now effectively replace the land use zoning objectives contained in the individual Local Area Plans for these centres. Meath County Council will shortly commence the revocation process for 29 Local Area Plans and prepare amendments to the written statements of the remaining Local Area Plans for the following centres:

  1. Ashbourne
  2. Dunboyne Clonee Pace
  3. Dunshaughlin
  4. Ratoath
  5. Southern Environs of Drogheda


During the intervening period when the existing Local Area Plans remain in effect, Meath County Council shall rely on the provisions of Section 14 (b) of the Planning & Development Acts 2000-2014 which states that where any provision of a local area plan conflicts with the provisions of the development plan as varied or the new development plan, the provision of the local area plan shall cease to have any effect. Meath County Council shall only have regard to the land use zoning objectives contained in the County Development Plan as varied in the consideration of development management proposals i.e. planning applications within the urban centres affected by this Variation.

Advert for Making of Variation (No 2) of CDP doc, 64kb

Variation No. 2 consisted of the following elements:

1. Introduction to Variation No. 2 pdf, 2.8MB

2. Variation to Volume 1 pdf, 2.8MB

3. New Volume 5 – Written Statements & Development Objectives for Urban Centres pdf, 7.9MB

4. New Volume 5 – Book of Maps for Urban Centres pdf, 17.9MB

5. Strategic Flood Risk Assessment pdf, 4.4MB

6. New Volume 5 – Appendix II Residential Evaluation Maps pdf, 142.5MB

7. Natura Impact Statement 8. SEA Environmental Report pdf, 15.7MB

Volume 5 contains all of the Written Statements and Detailed Objectives and a Book of Maps for 34 Urban Centres / Group of Urban Centres.  There are individual Written Statements and land use zoning objectives maps for each centre (pdfs below 800kb):

Athboy Written Statement & Map
Baile Ghib Written Statement (Irish Translation)
Baile Ghib (Gibbstown) Written Statement & Map (English Translation)
Ballivor Written Statement & Map
Carlanstown Written Statement & Map
Carnaross Written Statement & Map
Clonard Written Statement & Map
Crossakiel Written Statement & Map
Donore Written Statement & Map
Drumconrath Written Statement & Map
Duleek Written Statement & Map
Enfield Written Statement & Map
Gormanston Written Statement & Map
Julianstown Written Statement & Map
Kentstown Written Statement & Map
Kilbride Written Statement & Map
Kilcock Environs Written Statement & Map
Kildalkey Written Statement & Map
Kilmainhamwood Written Statement & Map
Kilmessan Written Statement & Map
Longwood Written Statement & Map
Maynooth Environs Written Statement & Map
Moynalty Written Statement & Map
Nobber Written Statement & Map
Oldcastle Written Statement & Map
Rathcairn Written Statement ( Irish Translation)
Rathcairn Written Statement & Map (English Translation)
Rathmolyon Written Statement & Map
Slane Written Statement & Map
Stamullen Written Statement & Map
Summerhill Written Statement and Map


Additional Policies & Residential / Employment Land Evaluations for Local Area Plans (pdf, 162kb) have been prepared for:

  1. Ashbourne
  2. Drogheda Southern Environs
  3. Dunboyne Clonee Pace
  4. Dunshaughlin
  5. Ratoath


Managers Report with regard to submissions on Material Alterations to Draft Variation

View the process of the Proposed Draft Variation No 2 in the Meath County Development Plan 2013-2019.

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